Disconnect old grid, connect to new earth Crystalline Grid

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This meditation does exactly what it says.

You will be disconnected from all the old earth grids and connected up to the New Earth Crystalline Grid.

This meditation does exactly what it says.

You will be disconnected from all the old earth grids and connected up to the New Earth Crystalline Grid.

This is the time to connect to the new earth, the new creation that is just beginning anddisconnect yourself from the past, and the past timelines, connecting fully into the new timelines that you are creating at this moment.

It doesnt mean you won't remember the past, it means that energetically you disconnect and start connecting yourself to a new reality that is now beginning.


What is the Planetary Grid and why should we disconnect from it?

The Planetary Grid is in mother earth, and has been there for millions of years.

It is an energy Grid that was used by all humans upon earth to communicate and connect to the mass consciousness to learn any lessons we needed to learn to evolve on our path, and evolve our souls.

It is also called the Crystalline Grid, Planetary Crystalline Grid.

This Grid is also used by what many call the dark ones, the dark force, the cabal and many other names.

They are connected to this grid and use it in a different way.

The energy in the grid is being used by them to control, to communicate and to bring fear.

This means they will take the energy, running through the Grid.

Your own energy is being used to control you, keep you in a state of mind of fear, not being able to do anything, not being able to create, manifest and move forward at this time.

Many will now say, but we changed the grid, it is crystalline now. It has been cleared, purified to work for the light.

Yes, it looks crystalline, but it is not.

We are moving forward, look at all the new energies coming in, the progress we have made.

This is the Illusion of the matrix we live in. Illusion of what they want you to see, think and believe.

Of course we have new energies coming in, time is speeding up, we can feel that.

But being connected to the Planetary Grid, you will not have the full benefit of those energies.

The Grid will keep you in the Lower Dimensions, although at times you might move higher.

The Grid still influences you and clouds what you can really see and receive there.

We are all looking for change, we see change happen because it is what they want us to see.

How to control the masses as they move into a more spiritual state, you fool them, give it to them, but in your way.

Remember when Jesus came to earth to bring the change, yes it feels like he did, we have the bible.

Created by the ones who do want control, and it is controlling many at this point.

They gave people the change, but in a way they could control the change.

The illusion of the religion, the bible, the churches.

There is no need to connect to any grid to work together, we can connect through the heart of source.

Our own heart, as we are all source, we are already connected.

It is time to disconnect from the grid, all the grids.


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