There are many gates and we start with our Personal 13 Gates, from there we move into the universal and then Galactic Gates.


We have to open up our Personal Gates before we can enter any of the other Gates. 


250 The 13 Gates personal gates     250 The 13 Gates universall gates     250 The 13 Gates galacticl gates


These Gates, you might have heard about them, are connected to the crystal skulls.

They are also connected in many ways to the 12 tribes and the 12 gates of Jerusalem.

There are 12 physical gates and 12 etheric gates at this time. The physical gates have not been opened yet, but will be before 2012.

Each of the etheric gates is in spirit connected to the energy of the Gates of Jerusalem and one of the tribes.

The gates are gates of consciousness. Every time you enter a gate a new part of your consciousness is opened. This is part of the opening up to full consciousness, which is used for a full conscious ascension.

When going through each gate you will notice a difference most likely, but opening up to full consciousness is a process that of course takes time.

Every new part needs to be integrated just like all new energies need to be integrated

The 13th gate is the opening to the consciousness connected to source.

While going through each gate you will have glimpses at first. The advantage of doing one gate each week which is possible at this time, is that each week a new part of consciousness is being opened. And you are working on and integrating each consciousness that is opened at the same time.

This is part of the several dispensations present on earth at this time. What used to take years, or several lifetimes to accomplish, is now done in a much shorter time and within one lifetime.

Now going through the 13th Gate is only possible after you have gone through all 12 Gates first.

Many of you have already worked on several gates, although not consciously.

So we have taken the dispensation one step further and allowed people to start at the 10th Gate.

What we mean is that many already have gone through gate 1 through 9 unconsciously in spirit during the dream time. Just like you are going through other teachings during the sleep time.

Gate 10 through 13 have to be done consciously.

Yes, we could have said you can do all of the in sleep time, but that would defeat the purpose of opening up more and more conscious to what you are learning and experiencing at this time.

The gates are a very powerful tool to work on becoming more conscious.

Many of you are ready for the 10th Gate and beyond. So we would advise you to find a teacher to assist you in these gates.

As with all other teachings it is possible to go through these gates by yourself using meditation.

But at this time we do suggest you find a teacher that has gone through all gates including the 13th Gate and knows and is capable of taking others through these gates.

The goal is to go through them consciously, which is usually accomplished by going to a teacher.

Many people also think that they are already doing so much, and can’t take anymore teachings because they think it will not be useful, or won’t have time to integrate.

How can you do all these teachings at the same time?

This is the time of ascension.

At this time ascension is completely separate from anything else.

Ascension is there for you personally.

In my time ascension was still seen as a lifelong path of study and service to humanity.

At this time ascension is focusing on you and your ascension.

For many of you that will ascend in or before 2012, the service to humanity will come after ascension.

For now, the study and experience and work toward ascension is the most important thing you can do for humanity. All of you are studying in different ways, learning and experiencing in different ways. This is what you will bring to humanity after your ascension when you might return as a teacher for others that have not yet ascended.

So you can study, go through experiences and follow many teachings in a short period of time. This is what helps you open and integrate everything more consciously faster than was ever possible before.

Your earth has reached a frequency that is capable of supporting this and so have you.

You are ready, and all of you know it is time for ascension in or before 2012 depending on your personal choice.

So realize you can and will ascend and start working on it more and more.

Do not let anything stand in your way.

Neither yourself nor others.

It is time.


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The 13 Gates, The New Cosmic Consciousness