If you are serious about finding answers, getting connected with your Higher Self, I Am Presence and Guides, this is the most important workshop you can take.

As Dr Joshua David Stone was teaching about ascension he would say that getting your own answers was the most important part, the most important thing that you could do for yourself. I have taught this workshop many times in person and through conference call as we are doing now. Everyone is able to channel and receive answers.

Each person has the ability and as I have taught these workshops some of the students have become channels of the masters, some only use it for themselves. It is how I myself started channeling, I took this workshop about 10 years ago and yes it only took one weekend to make the connections and start receiving answers. For me at that time, it wasn't important to channel masters as I didn't even know about the masters.

For me it was all about receiving the knowledge and messages from my own being as to what direction I should follow, and what I needed to do to become me. I never even thought I would be teaching it until I was asked by someone and just did it for the fun with a couple of friends. The results were amazing and I have taught many workshops after that to assist others in finding the answers. It assisted me while doing Reiki as my own guides or the guides from the person on the table would come through and give them messages.

It assisted me as I found my way through the maze of information that is there and had the change to confirm within me what was true for me and what it was I needed to do many times. It requires the willingness to be open to receive and you will be amazed yourself as it becomes easier and easier to receive those answers. As many are trying to find the answers and many look for the answers outside of them. With the opening to channel course you will learn to connect with your Higher Self, you I Am Presence and your guides.

You will learn how to get clear answers to your questions. Channel information from your guides and/or your Higher Self, in a safe and grounded way. Channeling is not a 'gift', but like healing is a natural ability each one of us possesses. Opening to channel is one of the most empowering things you can do in your life - it is a means of seeing the 'bigger picture' of your life, and thereby gaining new insights which allow you to move forward with grace and joy on your path!

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