Digital Multidimensional Soul Print, connecting with the energy of Your Soul at the deepest levels.

The saying is that a picture says more than a thousand words.

I know there are many out there just like me, looking for an amazing wallpaper for the computer or phone.

I have been working on Multidimensional Digital Soul Prints, a special image representing the Soul, containing the energy of the Soul, and allowing you to connect with Your Soul on many deep levels.

The one thing that is important for me is that you can see it many times, when you hang something on the wall you might look at it passing by, but you are not going to walk up to it each time and stand in front of it.

A wallpaper Multidimensional Digital Soul Print, either on the computer or even on phones these days is something you see many times on a daily basis. Each time you open your computer you will see this Multidimensional Digital Soul Print, receive the energy of your Soul and connect deeper within to integrate a deeper guidance from your Soul.

They come in different sizes as not everyone has the same size computer and I also have a phone size available.

The cost for a Multidimensional Digital Soul Print is $ 75.00

It takes me a couple of days to make the perfect Multidimensional Soul Print, but as soon as I am done I will email you the Multidimensional Digital Soul Print so you can save it on your computer right away.

Once you have Your Multidimensional Digital Soul Print saved, on your desktop for example, all you have to do is right click and choose set as desktop background. You can of course also make prints of it to hang them anywhere.

And while you are ordering your Multidimensional Digital Soul Print, don’t forget our Personal Essential Oil Blends to deepen your inner connection to your Soul and inner growth.

This is one big step you can make in growing spiritually, and assisting you in becoming your Soul presence upon earth.

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Multidimensional digital Soul Print

Digital Multidimensional Soul Print, connecting with the ...

Sales price: $75.00